3m Espe Valux Plus Universal Restorative - Refills

3m Espe Valux Plus Universal Restorative - Refills

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Unique, single filler Valux Plus Restorative System is made of 100% Zirconia/Silica, which allows more particles per gram of paste. This leads to excellent strength and wear resistance, and excellent handling characteristics.

Valux Plus blends with surrounding tooth color for a more natural finish, and is available in five shades.



  • High resistance to wear and fractures
  • Low margins leak when applying Adper Scotchbond
  • Good handling and polishing
  • Blends with the surrounding tooth colour to provide a more natural finish



  • In posterior direct restorations and Class IV restorations
  • Indirect restorations: inlays, onlays and veneers
  • Sandwich technique
1 Syringe - 4g of Shade A1. A2.A3.A3.5. B2

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