3m Espe Ketac Universal Glass Ionomer Restorative

3m Espe Ketac Universal Glass Ionomer Restorative


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Description of product

Ketac Universal restorative saves time by eliminating the need for a coating-yet it delivers higher compressive strength and surface hardness than several competitive glass ionomers that require one.This advancement is the latest 3M ESPE Dental's 30-year history of developing trusted glass ionomer.


  • Higher Compressive Strength and Surface Hardness
  • It has a low stickiness to the dental instruments- so it is easy to place and sculpt
  • Setting Time: 10mins
  • Fluoride Release : 9-10 months



  • No need for conditioner or coating
  • Bulk fill- no need for layering
  • Enables fast, one step, stress-bearing restorative solutions
  • Extended indications for use compared to other glass ionomer materials
  • Continuously releases flouride over 6 months
  • Adapts easily to the cavity margin


  • Linings for single- and multi-surface composite fillings
  • Core build-up prior to crown placement
  • Primary tooth fillings
  • Restricted stress-bearing Class I and Class II restorations
  • Cervical Fillings
  • Single- and multi-surface temporary fillings
  • Minimal intervention(MI) filling therapy and A.R.T. (atraumatic restorative treatment) technique
  • Fissure sealing
12.5 Gram Powder. 8.5 ml Liquid. Spoon. Mixing Pad

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