3m Espe Imprint II Light Body Impression Material

3m Espe Imprint II Light Body Impression Material

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Description of product

Deliver high accuracy with confidence from this precision impression material.

3M ESPE Imprint Light Body has Void-free and homogenous mix when used with the Pentamix™ Mixing Unit. It does not drip or slump and Easy to remove from mouth. Automatic mixing and Dispensing with the Garant Dispenser. Vinyl polysiloxane impression material has proven reliability. 



  • Crown and bridge impressions
  • Inlay and onlay impressions
  • Functional impressions
  • Implant impressions
  • Denture and partial denture impressions
  • Delivery System: Garant Dispenser
  • Impression Type: Final
  • Material: VPS
  • Setting Time: Quick Set
  • Viscosity: Light Body
Key Specifications
  • Working time: 1 minute
  • Intra-oral setting time: 4 minutes

4X 50ml Imprint Light Body Cartridges

1X 20 Tips

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